Insights That Lead To Results

Are you getting the results you envision as a leader and a team?
Are you moving to a new job or taking on greater accountability in your role?
Do you want to move from good to great in your work or home relationships?

InnerActive Leadership Associates combines evidence-based approaches with tailored strategies to help you reach your leadership, team or relationship goals.

Our practical methodology creates relevant and long-lasting results. Using tried-and-tested tools based on best practices and more than 25 years’ experience in the field, we enable you to merge your wisdom with ours to create highly effective plans for the future.

Typical clients include leaders wanting to develop their leadership capabilities for their current or future roles, teams striving to achieve greater alignment and results, and companies looking to strengthen their organizational culture. Dr. Jacqueline Peters also uniquely combines her leadership and team effectiveness principles with proven strategies that successful couples use to provide effective relationship coaching for couples who strive to achieve greater connection in their personal relationships.

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