3 Tips for Gaining Media Exposure

Jacqueline at CBC Radio with Donna McElligott

I was recently asked by one of my fellow Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) colleagues, the lovely Patricia Morgan, about how to get media attention.  I am definitely very new to the media game with only a few months of experience but here are three key things I have learned in my short media life.

  1. Be relevant and pitch ideas for presenting your content as it relates to current affairs or upcoming holidays, etc. For example, my tagline / pitch for the media was “Proven relationship strategies that take you from the boardroom to the family room” and then we added …at Christmas, which got a few interviews in December. I also have a Globe and Mail article coming out soon about why strong relationships are critical in the downturn of the economy and tips to build them effectively. Think about how your content could be positioned to help people solve or address issues that are current, relevant and meaningful to them.
  2. Make contact with several media outlets. You can google the contact information for news sources like CBC, Globe and Mail, Breakfast TV, etc. to get names of the producers or media contacts you can pitch there. Or, if you don’t want to do the work to search out the contacts and make cold calls, or have a hard time marketing yourself, as I do, hire a marketing company to help you. I worked with ZG Communications and they used their contact list to send a media kit and pitch the ideas on my behalf.
  3. Prepare. Make sure that you listen to other interviews or read other articles from the media source that you want to target. Get a sense of who their audience is, what they might want to hear from you, and how to communicate in a manner that fits best with that media source.

It takes some work and you have to be okay with some media not seeing your content or approach as a fit, but it is great experience and can help you build your confidence and exposure for future opportunities. I hope this information is helpful as others get their valuable messages out and in the media! I would love to hear tips from others as well so feel free to weigh into the conversation.