50 Tips for Terrific Teams

50 Tips for Terrific Teams

50 Tips for Terrific Teams: Proven Strategies for Building High Performance Teams has been described as an “essential book” for leaders and team members who want their teams to be more effective and productive. The book outlines practical, specific and research based techniques and actions for improving team performance. It is easy to read, with one page per strategy that outlines clear actions to:

  • Increase team results and improve the quality of the team’s outputs
  • Improve employee engagement, communication and interaction
  • Decrease ambiguity, stress and miscommunication
  • Create a clearer sense of team purpose and direction

Available at online bookstores everywhere, including Amazon, Indigo, and Friesen Press.

What others are saying about 50 Tips for Terrific Teams!

“I found reading 50 Tips for Terrific Teams to be more of a journey than a read because as I was walking through it, I was motivated to evaluate my team and where we were at. It is a good leadership guide in the way it is written because it is crisp in the research and leadership principles, not overdone. The addition of practical actions made it easy for me to apply the tips immediately to my new team.”
Linda Dalgetty, Chief Information Officer, Agrium

“While many leaders and coaches are well intentioned, they are frequently disappointed with their outcomes when trying to create high performing teams. 50 Tips for Terrific Teams has brilliantly integrated the research (which few of us have time to sort through) and translated it into practical suggestions that will absolutely help create the desired shifts. This guide is user friendly and is the closest thing to having your own personal sage. I would recommend this book as an essential tool for anyone who leads a team or works with or on a team.”
Denise Still, MSW, RSW PCC, CEC (Certified Executive Coach), Manager Organization Development, Calgary Board of Education

50 Tips for Terrific Teams is a treasure chest full of practical tools and wisdom for all Team Leaders and Coaches. We will be drawing upon the practices, tips, and techniques contained in ‘50 Tips’ to help and contribute to the teams in which we are participants, leaders and coaches. ‘50 Tips’ is a great companion resource to the authors’ High Performance Team Coaching book.”
Lillas Marie Hatala and Richard Hatala, Co-authors of Integrative Leadership: Building a Foundation for Personal, Interpersonal, and Organizational Success

“I love it when someone comes up with a book that is concise, clear, incredibly useful, and easy to work with. We all live and work with other people, and we all need to get better at it. Here is a collection of great ideas that you can put to use almost any day in just about any organization. It is a great resource for anyone working with teams, and every leader and team member should have one on their desk. You can pick an idea to try this week, try another tip the week after, and keep harvesting new insights for months to come.”
Dr. Ric Durrant, CEC (Certified Executive Coach), PCC (Professional Certified Coach), Leadership Specialist and Executive Coach