Executive Coaching

How would your results change if you were even more effective and impactful as a leader and team member?

InnerActive Leadership is deeply committed to working with individuals striving to continuously develop their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses. We offer individual and team coaching, providing personalized opportunities for clients to broaden their leadership skills and brand.

Our methodology begins with a combination of interviews and assessments that help to define coaching goals based on the needs of the leader, team and organization.

We then focus on the strengths of the individual, harnessing those to create long-term mindset and behavioural changes. Key to the process is authenticity and a commitment to help you build upon the foundation of your existing values and leadership brand. We will engage you in reflective dialogue, use tried-and-tested tools and leverage your real-world experiences, to explore new frontiers in your leadership, values, and brand. As a result, you can increase your impact within your circle of influence and with your key stakeholders.

The needs and confidentiality of both the individual and organization are skillfully managed and respected throughout the coaching process. Our coaches encourage and skillfully facilitate conversations among key stakeholders to ensure honest, constructive dialogue reveals information that move people forward in their development. Frequently, these are perspectives that leaders might not otherwise hear.

Executive Coaching programs can be tailored to a range of timelines and objectives as required. Typical engagements range from 12 to 18 months.