High Performance Team Development

Approaches Customized To Your Needs

Research and experience have shown that highly effective teams have common goals, clear roles and responsibilities, shared working agreements, and strong structures and processes for achieving their business goals.

The goal of High Performance Team Development is to leverage individual and teams’ strengths for future success. Effective team alignment and development happens over time, not in a one-day session, although that can be a start. Ideally, team development is a partnership with the team’s leader, the team, and a coach to support the team over time to achieve their strategic goals.

High Performance Team Coaching (HPTC) is a research-based system that was developed as a result of more than ten years of team coaching experience and three years of doctoral research. The HPTC system is fully described in the book, High Performance Team Coaching: A Comprehensive Approach for Leaders and Coaches (Peters and Carr, 2013). The system is based on proven approaches to effectively develop and coach teams to achieve greater performance and results.

The system uses practical, actionable strategies that support teams by:

  • Clarifying and aligning the team’s purpose and goals for team members and other stakeholders
  • Improving the team’s outputs;
  • Enhancing employee engagement and commitment;
  • Decreasing ambiguity, stress and miscommunication.

A typical deliverable at the beginning of the team coaching is a Team Charter (see below)