Workshops & Facilitation


High Performance Teams & Relationships: The Heart and Science behind Success at Work and Home

This engaging session identifies five key building blocks that the most successful teams, leaders, couples, and relationship marketers use to build high performance relationships. We look at the heart and science behind these five building blocks and identify tips for creating high performance relationships in any context. Equip your leaders and employees with some key tools to improve their leadership, team, and cross-functional team relationships today!

This session can be delivered in a 60 to 90 minute keynote or in a half to multi-day workshop that can be customized to your group.

SAFETY First! Proven Strategies for Improving your Conversations at Work and Home

This interactive session explores the six key tools for creating and maintaining psychological safety, the core of all high performance relationships and conversations. Organizations focus on physical safety, which is critically important, and at the same time, we know that some of the greatest costs today are a result of stress, conflict, and mental health issues in the workplace. The key to reducing costs and conflict is to effectively create psychological safety, conversation by conversation. Equip your leaders and other employees with six key SAFETY tools to improve their relationship safety record today!

This session can be delivered in a 60 to 90 minute keynote or in a half to multi-day workshop that can be customized to your group.

High Performance Teams: What research tells us about the most successful teams

This session is based on the books, 50 Tips for Terrific Teams and High Performance Team Coaching, both co-authored by Dr. Jacqueline Peters. It is a highly interactive half to full day session and can be customized to focus on a variety of aspects of leadership or team development, including communication, team behaviours, and/or talent management.

This session can be delivered in a 60 to 90 minute keynote or in a half day workshop. It can be customized to meet the specific leadership and team needs of your group or organization.

Leadership Brand: Make Yours Memorable!

We all have a brand or reputation whether we manage it or not. This engaging and enlightening session supports leaders to identify and nurture their own authentic leadership brand and reputation:

  • What is a leadership brand?
  • How do you start developing your brand and why is this important?
  • How do you get your brand out there in the way you want?

This session can be delivered in a 60 to 90 minute keynote or in a half day workshop and it can be customized to your group.


Style Assessments for Individuals and Teams: Leveraging the Extended DISCTM for Personal & Team Effectiveness

We use the Extended DISCTM as a springboard to objectively discuss personal styles and ways to communicate and influence others more effectively. Teams can review their Team profile and discuss the implications of their mix of styles on how they work together and how they may impact and be perceived by others.

This is an interactive and fun half to full day workshop.

Change Leadership: Strategies for leading change successfully

Change is constant today and effective leaders must know how to navigate the change journey collaboratively with their team members and colleagues. This fun and engaging workshop provides leaders with an understanding of “the brain on change” and some practical tools for leading change effectively. Some of the workshop objectives include:

  • Identifying and working with people who have different change styles
  • Leading others effectively through a simple four step change model
  • Identify strategies to overcome and harness resistance to change
  • Using a simple three question framework for developing clear communications
  • Create a sense of empowerment and confidence in one’s ability to effectively lead people through change

This workshop has been delivered to hundreds of leaders over the years and continually receives comments that it was one of the most helpful and enlightening workshops they have attended. It is a 1 to 1.5 day session, depending upon the amount of organizational conversation and problem solving that is incorporated.

Trust and Collaboration: Breaking Down Silo Thinking

Siloes are common in organizations and it can be difficult to collaborate not only within teams, but especially across teams. Further, Safety First is an organizational mantra and requirement. Often this refers to physical safety, but psychological safety has also been proven to be essential for success. When people feel safe, trust is built and collaboration is fostered. This session provides leaders with an opportunity to have an experience together that reinforces how to build or bust trust and collaboration. The workshop is best for intact teams and cross-functional teams who want to work better together and more effectively achieve mutual goals.
This is a half to a full day session and can be customized to your organization.

From Conflict to Debate: Conflict resolution strategies that support high performance

The Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) is the core tool we use to discuss individual’s typical response to conflict and different perspectives. We talk about how to identify the conflict approach that others are using and how to more effectively engage with others during conflict to achieve the desired outcomes.

This is a half to full day session that can be customized with examples from your organization for participants to use in practice situations.

Energy and Time Management: Structuring your work and life for full engagement and high performance

Fierce Conversations: Learn the key strategies provided by Susan Scott in her book, Fierce Conversations.

Typically two full days, but can be broken into four half day modules if required.

Introduction to Situational Leadership II: Performance management and delegation strategies based on Ken Blanchard’s timeless model. This session can be conducted in a half day session.

Everyday Knowledge Management Strategies: Training and mentoring strategies for training one or many.