Team Coaching Around the World


I was honoured to be the first presenter this morning at the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Team and Group Coaching Community of Practice. We had participants from all over the world, including Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Canada and the U.S. One of the questions I received was from an international participant who wanted to know how to customize and talk about the Team Coaching System for cultures that are less familiar with team coaching (click on High Performance Team Coaching System for a copy). One of the customizations we talked about was ensuring that we use the vocabulary that resonates with the participants and the culture in which we are working. So even in North America, where team coaching is getting more established but is still relatively new, I often use the term “Team Effectiveness work” or “Team Development program” when first talking with a client and then slowly weave in the term “team coaching” over time. The key is to start where your client is at and introduce new ideas and concepts over time and in the context and vocabulary that makes sense to them. Thanks for the question!